Infos zum Kunstwerk
  • Jahr: 2012
  • Ort: Milan
  • Land: Italy (45.4668,9.1905) centr.
  • Kategorie: Ressourcen/ Energie/ Erneuerbar, Sonne/ Licht, und Technik/ Infrastruktur/ Verkehr
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In seiner Installation PHOTOSYNTHESIS, die 2012 in Mailand gezeigt wurde, experimentiert der Architekt Hirata mit dreidimensionalen Formen von Solarzellen.

“The project was inspired by a reflection on the natural relationship that exists in a tree between its leaves, fruits, and flowers, a truly interdependent cyclical ecosystem in miniature. this prompted me to envision new buildings and cities as an integral part of the biosphere, a possible future that is inspired by an modeled after it.” (Akihisa Hirata)

Photosynthesis © Akihisa Hirata
Photosynthesis © Akihisa Hirata

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