Event Horizon

Infos zum Kunstwerk
  • Jahr: 2020
  • Ort: Cisternerne, Copenhagen
  • Land: Denmark (55.669523350000006,12.52491908070791) -
  • Kategorie: Umweltverschmutzung und -zerstörung/ Gifte und Wasser/ Gewässer
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Saracenos EVENT HORIZON ist eine Installation in den Kellern von Cisternerne, einem ehemaligen Wasserspeicher in Kopenhagen, der nun als Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst dient. Indem die Besucher*innen auf Booten durch die Dunkelheit fahren, tauchen sie in die Installation ein. >>

“An Event Horizon refers to a region of spacetime that marks a point of no return – when the gravitational pull makes any escape from a subsuming black hole impossible. As humans find themselves on the precipice of a point of no return on this planet, we should urgently learn to become, just like spider/webs, more sensitive to that which is at first unreadable and inaudible. […] Which synaesthetic modes of perception do we need to re-sense the world we live with? Descending the stairs into Cisternerne, visitors watch as their shadow dissolves slowly into the surrounding darkness of engulfing echoes. As you wait for your eyes to adjust, your ears wake up, and movements slow down, encountering an invitation to enter an installation that opens up channels of communication and sociality that cross the borders between senses and species.” (Tomás Saraceno) >>

Event Horizon, (c) Tomás Saraceno

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