Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation

Infos zum Kunstwerk
  • Jahr: 2016
  • Ort: Anniston
  • Land: United States (33.6594422,-85.8316326) exempl.
  • Kategorie: Ökonomie und Umweltverschmutzung und -zerstörung/ Gifte
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In MONSANTO: A PHOTOGRAPHIC INVESTIGATION führt Mathieu Asselin mithilfe der Fotografie Informationen über die Konsequenzen auf, die das Vorgehen des Saatgutkonzerns Monsanto u.a. auf Umwelt und lokale Landwirtschaft hat. >> >>

“In order to construct his meticulous investigation, Mathieu Asselin exhumed and consulted hundreds of documents – press excerpts, judgments, archives, films, and testimonies – focusing on facts or dates that dramatically illustrate the ravages of all kinds which mark the company’s long history of sprawling development. Thus, the drama of the small town of Anniston (Alabama, 1970), that became a ghost city as a result of releases into the air and water of the infamous and poisonous chlorinated PCB derivatives produced by the local factory.” (Benoit Rivero) >>

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