Wind Tunnel Model

Wind Tunnel Model, (c) Florian Dombois
Infos zum Kunstwerk
  • Jahr: 2017
  • Ort: Venedig
  • Land: Italy (45.4371908,12.3345898) -
  • Kategorie: Luft/ Wind/ Atmosphäre/ Himmel, Ressourcen/ Energie/ Erneuerbar, und Wissenschaften
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Mit seiner „Windskulptur“ WIND TUNNEL MODEL stellt Dombois Fragen, die die Nichtbeschränkbarkeit des Winds mit dem menschlichen Drang nach Wissenschaft in Verbindung bringen. >>

„When the wind blows, things change. This forces us to reflect. Our senses show us one part, a surface, an effect. Yet more lies behind, undisclosed. […] Will we be able to bear standing in the wind? Will we be able to accept that our way of thinking has flaws, that it deceives itself all too willingly? That we believe that we are thinking “independently” whereas in fact we are satisfying our personal patterns all too readily? […] Where is the wind when it isn’t blowing? Where is research when it isn’t doing research? Does it still exist then?” (Florian Dombois) >>

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