The Greenhouse Series

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  • Jahr: 2019
  • Ort: Netherlands
  • Land: Netherlands (52.5001698,5.7480821) centr.
  • Kategorie: Ökosysteme /Flora/ Fauna und Technik/ Infrastruktur/ Verkehr
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Hegens THE GREENHOUSE SERIES versammelt Fotographien moderner Gewächshäuser und gibt einen Einblick in die Dimensionen und Technologien der Landwirtschaft mit ihrem enormen Energieverbrauch. >>

“According to the United Nations, the world’s population will grow from today’s 7.5 billion people to 10 billion in 2050. And as natural resources like farmland and water become scarce, feeding the world will become an even greater challenge. Researchers in the Netherlands are experimenting with one way to feed more people with using less land, by growing crops indoors. At inside temperatures above 20 degrees, constant humidity of around 80 percent and the use of LED lighting to permit precisely cultivation, in order to produce year-round. The indoor gardens provide growing conditions for plants like tomatoes, peppers or strawberries around the clock and in every kind of weather, which doubles the average yield of an outdoor farm. The Netherlands is the globe’s number two exporter of food as measured by value, second only to the United States, which has 270 times its landmass.” (Tom Hegen) >>

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