Ice Watch

Ice Watch, (c) Olafur Eliasson
Infos zum Kunstwerk
  • Jahr: 2018
  • Ort: London
  • Land: United Kingdom (51.50745665,-0.0993436553951574) exempl.
  • Kategorie: Eis/ Arktis/ Antarktis und Partizipation/ Soziales/ Politik
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Für sein Kunstwerk ICE WATCH brachte Eliasson 30 Blöcke Grönlandeis nach London und platzierte sie in der Nähe der beiden Themseufer, wo sie zerschmolzen. >> >>

“The blocks of glacial ice await your arrival. Put your hand on the ice, listen to it, smell it, look at it – and witness the ecological changes our world is undergoing. Feelings of distance and disconnect hold us back, make us grow numb and passive. I hope that Ice Watch arouses feelings of proximity, presence, and relevance, of narratives that you can identify with and that make us all engage. We must recognise that together we have the power to take individual actions and to push for systemic change. Come touch the Greenland ice sheet and be touched by it. Let’s transform climate knowledge into climate action.” (Olafur Eliasson) >>

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