About Artwork Earth

Artwork Earth

The Atlas for Art on Ecology, Climate and Resources


This is a map. An archive. A gathering place. How does art reflect the most urgent global development of our times? How does it treat this development? Artwork Earth was designed and created specifically for such inquiries: Place. Map. Archive.

Artwork Earth documents artworks that deal with ecological developments, climate change and fossil as well as renewable resources. The majority of these artistic works are related to a specific location. They are either situated on land or water, in an urban landscape, a specific region, on a mountain top or in a body of water – or they relate to such places by depiction or documentation. Artwork Earth addresses these local facets of art while charting them on a world map.* As a result a global topography of artworks is formed that focus on a portrayal of the earth and its current and future condition.

Artwork Earth has the character of a platform for documentation and of an archive of climate change. It wants to contribute to the creation of awareness for ecological developments and to the discourse of life in the Anthropocene. At the same time it is our hope that Artwork Earth and its multiplicity of artworks already are part of a succeeding transition: a transition towards a solar age and towards ways of living that are based on renewable energy and resources.

Art carries the unique potential of accompanying this transition because it cares for the future and the possibilities of life in a global community.

If you would like to suggest artworks that should be listed on Artwork Earth or if you are an artist yourself who creates works that deal with related topics, you are invited to contact us.



* For some artworks, a precise localization is not possible. These could be works concerned with large economic areas or ecosystems, or with states, gas pipelines or marine debris in the Pacific. When we deal with such cases, we either choose to locate the artwork in an exemplary way based on the documentation in the work itself or we determine the geographical centre with the help of https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/.The way of localization chosen for a specific work of art is indicated in the entries following the coordinates.

The Atlas for Art on Ecology and Climate, Energy and Resources