Longing Fast Forward

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2012
  • Place: Kullorsuaq
  • Land: Greenland (74.5791667,-57.2180556) -
  • Category: Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, Ice/ Arctic/ Antarctic, and Water/ Body of water
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LONGING FAST FORWARD is an 11-hour-long video installation about the changes in life and the environment over one year in Kullorsuaq, Greenland. Kristensen, Norn and Plewe bring together videos of three local hunters, artistic research and climate data as different forms of knowledge acquisition about the environment. >> >> >> >>

“The title Longing Fast Forward allures to the strong desire for progress that the artists observed while working in Greenland. This desire is rooted in the extreme adaptability that the Inuit of Kullorsuaq share with other indigenous communities. As the changes in local climate increasingly challenge traditional lifestyles, the communities hope that technological means can secure their survival.” (Annesofie Norn) >>

Licence: CC-BY-SA-NC >>

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