Traces II: The Source

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2014
  • Place: Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve
  • Land: China (35.40709525,95.9521157324195) centr.
  • Category: Earth/ Soil, Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins, and Water/ Body of water
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In the second part of his photographic series TRACES about landscapes surrounding the Yellow River, Ian Teh examines areas connected to the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve on the Tibetan plateau in China. These images are combined with research about, for instance, environmental destruction through mining and the effects of climate change on the permafrost of the region. >> >>

“These large scale panoramic photographs not only exhibit the epic scale of the Chinese landscape but are simultaneously an echo to the past, presented in a similar format to the traditional Chinese scroll painting. He is interested in the dissonance created between these elements as well as the historical, economic and scientific narrative that accompanies them. Teh’s objective is that together they connect viewers to the front lines of climate change, where the environmental crisis underway, like climate change itself, isn’t always easy to see.” (Anastasia Photo) >>

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