Nature Represents Itself

Nature Represents Itself, (c) Susan Schuppli
Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2018
  • Place: Golf von Mexiko
  • Land: Mexico (25.0000001,-90.0000001) centr.
  • Category: Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins, Resources/ Energy/ Nuclear/ Fossil, Technology/ Infrastructure/ Traffic, and Water/ Body of water
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Schuppli’s video installation NATURE REPRESENTS ITSELF simulates what happened in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The simulation shows images of the initial surface slick and of the deep underwater plumes, both of which were results of the oil spill. >>

“When the smooth viscosity of oil comes into contact with the rough surface tension of the sea […] rapid transformations in the thickness of the oil film occur and therefore also extraordinary and rapid shifts in colour. The cinematic capacity of the oil spill isn’t simply a consequence of its representational condition as a mirrored watery surface that is capable of projecting an aesthetic event back at us […] but is a feature of its very ontology—its molecular structure and behaviour. While analogous to the workings of the cinematic apparatus, the oil spill is perhaps better understood as engaged in the production of a new form of cinema organised by the found footage of ‘nature’ itself.“ (Susan Schuppli) >>

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