Museo Aero Solar

Museo Aero Solar, (c) Tomás Saraceno
Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2014
  • Place: Toulouse
  • Land: France (43.6044622,1.4442469) exempl.
  • Category: Air/ Wind/ Atmosphere/ Sky, Participation/ Social issues/ Politics, Sun/ Light, and Waste/ Recycling/ Upcyling
  • Tags:

MUSEO AERO SOLAR is a project from the collective interdisciplinary artistic community Aeroscene. The project’s manifestations are collectively created by a community definable only by its members through the simple act of cooperatively reusing plastic bags. The core of Museo resides not in its image, but in the inventiveness and collaborative methods of local activators: initiated through transdisciplinary actions, workshops and social gatherings across the planet. Embodying a vision of pollution-free futures through the growth of self-assembly and geographically dispersed participatory communities, MUSEO AERO SOLAR can be seen as marking the beginning of the Aerocene. Tomás Saraceno and Alberto Pesavento initiated the concept of MUSEO AERO SOLAR in 2007. >>


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