Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2018
  • Place: Everglades, Florida
  • Land: United States (25.753139,-80.565139) -
  • Category: Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins, and Water/ Body of water
  • Tags:

With SWAMPSCAPES Liz Miller uses a multimedia concept that invites viewers to explore the Everglades swamps in Florida:

“SwampScapes, is a sensory immersion into one of Florida’s most endangered ecosystems, the Everglades. The piece involves an award winning 360 º documentary and an installation that transports users from the treetops of urban swamps to the remote sloughs of the Fakahatchee swamp, permitting users to discover seven critically endangered landscapes. As cities have grown, wetlands and swamps around the world have been sacrificed to pave the way for housing, agriculture and industry without much regard for what is lost. One of the biggest threats to swamps is a lack of understanding of the role they play in capturing carbon, fostering biodiversity, and buffering us from storms and rising seas. The project employs interactive media to foster awareness and connection to this extraordinary ecosystem.” (Liz Miller) >>

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