Urban Space Station

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2016
  • Place: Phoenix-See, Dortmund
  • Land: Germany (51.4893326,7.51417132922259) centr.
  • Category: Air/ Wind/ Atmosphere/ Sky, Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins, and Water/ Body of water
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  • Artist: Jeremijenko, Natalie
    Birthdate: 1966
    Land of Birth: Australia

Jeremijenko’s installation URBAN SPACE STATION contains a complex mechanism based on plants and fish, which cleans the air of a building at Phoenix-See. This response to urbanisation and pollution suggests ideas for the newly developed living spaces next to the renatured river Emscher. >> >>

“Jeremijenko created a greenhouse-like architecture with U.S.S. – Urban Space Station, on top of an existent building at the Lake Phoenix See and pointed to new possibilities of the use and capacity of buildings. Placed on a passage-building between the so-called Swan Complex at the densely populated Lake Phoenix, its insect-like outside reminded of a parasite that has docked onto the building. The second glance uncovered the symbiosis of the two architectural structures: The USS docked onto the air conditioning of the surrounding buildings and created a cleaning circulation. The building’s waste air and warmth is filtered by the USS’s plants, cleaned, and enriched with oxygen before it is led back into the building.” (Emscherkunst) >>

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