Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2017
  • Place: Mandø, Danish Wadden Sea
  • Land: Denmark (55.234980,8.459310) exempl.
  • Category: Ice/ Arctic/ Antarctic, Sciences, and Water/ Body of water
  • Tags:

Jonsson’s TIDES is a mixed-media installation of rising tidal records. Textiles dyed with a pH indicator were positioned at selected intertidal sites as a means of documenting rising tides. In the installation they are combined with a time-lapse video of the fabrics changing. >>

“Two key variables in determining tide height are seabed topography and coastal topography, humans have changed both in extensive ways. Searching for such an unstable average surface height has recently taken more urgent importance due to global warming and rising sea levels. Caused by melting of non-polar glaciers and thermal expansion of the ocean water mass the tide represents not only an environmental and scientific challenge, but also a force whose physical and psychological influence on our culture cannot be denied.” (Cecilia Jonsson) >>

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