Environmental Murals

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2017
  • Place: Za'atari
  • Land: Jordan (32.2942395,36.3267426) centr.
  • Category: Participation/ Social issues/ Politics and Water/ Body of water
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The community-based public art organisation Artolution dedicates a variety of different projects to the initiation of social and ecological change. By creating ENVIRONMENTAL MURALS communities around the world (i.e. Dominican Republic, Israel, Syria) are invited to take part in debates about topics concerning sustainability and climate change. >>

“Artolution has also explored environmental issues through its community mural projects. […] In Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp in the desert of Jordan, children and families learned about the importance of water conservation, a vital issue in their new environment. They explored this issue with local Syrian educators, and then painted murals to encourage their neighbors to get involved in the conservation efforts.” (Artolution) >>

The Atlas for Art on Ecology and Climate, Energy and Resources