Capacitor, (c) John Grade
Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2013
  • Place: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  • Land: United States (43.7508284,-87.71453) -
  • Category: Air/ Wind/ Atmosphere/ Sky, Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins, and Sun/ Light
  • Tags:

The CAPACITOR is a sculpture that moves and shines in correspondence to the wind and temperature data it receives both from historical records and current weather. Grade built the shape of the structure in reference to single-cell marine organisms called coccolithophore, which through photosynthesis remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The opening, closing and flashing of light on the sculpture’s inside reflect the discrepancy between current and historical data and provide a visualisation of potential changes in both weather and climate. >>


The Atlas for Art on Ecology and Climate, Energy and Resources