Tree Mountain – A Living Time Capsule

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2012
  • Place: Ylöjärvi
  • Land: Finland (61.5499614,23.5969495) centr.
  • Category: Earth/ Soil, Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, and Participation/ Social issues/ Politics
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TREE MOUNTAIN – A LIVING TIME CAPSULE is an artificial mountain measuring 420 meters in length, 270 meters in width and 38 meters in height located in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The elliptical mountain was planted with eleven thousand trees by eleven thousand people from various countries as part of a land reclamation project by environmental artist Agnes Denes. >>

“Tree Mountain is protected land to be maintained for four centuries, eventually creating a virgin forest. The trees are planted in an intricate mathematical pattern derived from a combination of the golden section and the pineapple/sunflower system designed by the artist. […] Tree Mountain, conceived in 1982, affirms humanity’s commitment to the future well being of ecological, social and cultural life on the planet. It is designed to unite the human intellect with the majesty of nature.” (Aira Kalela) >>

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