Listening for Coastal Futures

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2018
  • Place: Virginia
  • Land: United States (37.1232245,-78.4927721) centr.
  • Category: Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins, Sciences, and Water/ Body of water
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With LISTENING FOR COASTAL FUTURES, the Coastal Futures Conservatory directs attention to coasts and their biospheres that are threatened by climate change. Focussing on the coasts of Virginia, the conservatory creates soundscapes that, for instance, mirror the health of oyster reefs. The conservatory also organises the Coastal Futures Festival. >> >> >>

“The Coastal Futures Conservatory draws on all three meanings: a school of music that teaches participants how to listen to and compose with the living world, a school of science that connects conservation with culture, and a school of living that cultivates a wide range of cultural capacities to respond to changing Earth.” (The Coastal Futures Conservatory) >>

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