Submerged Portraits

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2007
  • Place: Haiti, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Nigeria, Germany, Philippines, UK, India, Brazil, Bangladesh, USA
  • Land: Nigeria (9.6000359,7.9999721) exempl.
  • Category: Participation/ Social issues/ Politics and Water/ Body of water
  • Tags:

The photographic series SUBMERGED PORTRAITS is one part of Mendel’s Drowning World project, which “explores the personal impact of climate change within a global context” (Mendel). People from a number of different flood zones around the world are portrayed in their damaged homes.

“In these dystopian and disconcertingly abnormal environments, I try to make the moment when I press the shutter calm and connected as I engage with my subjects. My intent is for their gaze to challenge the viewer and be part of a shared portrait of humanity in crisis in the face of natural disorder – a disorder that humankind has played a role in precipitating.” (Gideon Mendel)

Submerged Portraits: Miryam and Wista Jacques, Gonaives, Haiti, September 2008 © Gideon Mendel
Submerged Portraits: João Pereira de Araújo, Taquari District, Rio Branco, Brazil, March 2015 © Gideon Mendel

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