The Iron Ring

Infos Artwork
  • Year: 2013
  • Place: Niebla-Gegend am Rio Tinto
  • Land: Spain (37.3022252,-6.7761527) centr.
  • Category: Earth/ Soil, Ecosystems/ Flora/ Fauna, and Pollution/ Destruction/ Toxins
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In her installation THE IRON RING Jonsson takes a look into how with the help of iron accumulating weed former opencast mines could be decontaminated. This could at the same time provide a more ecological way of iron mining. >> >>

“The installation consists of artefacts and video documentation that reports on the seven chronological steps that were required to create an iron ring out of 24 kg of grass harvested from the acidic river banks of a landscape in Spain severely transformed by opencast mining.“ (Cecilia Jonsson) >>

Source: Jonsson, Cecilia: The Iron Ring – An Art Project by Cecilia Jonsson. Rotterdam: V2_, 2013. E-Book. <> (14.06.2019)

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