Windmill-Remix-Contest (music competition)

Logo Windrad-Remix-Contest (Musikwettbewerb) © IG Windkraft, 2021
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  • Year: 2021
  • Place: Pölten
  • Land: Austria (48.2045651,15.6290222) centr.
  • Category: Air/ Wind/ Atmosphere/ Sky, Participation/ Social issues/ Politics, and Resources/ Energy/ Nuclear/ Fossil
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On the occasion of the internationally celebrated “Day of the Wind”, the Austrian Windmill-Remix-Contest took place for the first time. Musicians were asked to produce their own songs with different predetermined windmill sounds. Over 90 different pieces of music were submitted.


1. Platz TheRealSlimEdi, Windrad-Remix-Contest (Musikwettbewerb) © IG Windkraft, 2021
1st place TheRealSlimEdi Windmill-Remix-Contest (music competition) © IG Windkraft, 2021
3.Platz – Schickimicki Club, Windrad-Remix-Contest (Musikwettbewerb) © IG Windkraft, 2021
3rd place Schickimicki Club Windmill-Remix-Contest (music competition) © IG Windkraft, 2021

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